6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. יעל, אהבתי את הצילומים שלך.
    מצלמת גם אדריכלות/פנים
    כמה עולה לצלם

  2. שלום יעל. קיבלתי את פרטייך מנעמה שקד. ביתי תתחתן ב”ה בינואר, אני מחפשת צלמים. החתונה היא “קונבנציונאלית”: אולם וכו. האם את מצלמת גם במקומות כאלו? מה את מציעה? תודה,

  3. Shalom Yael,

    My name is Feri. I am contacting you from Los Angeles. G-d willing my daughter will be celebrating her Bat Mitzvah this summer in Jerusalem on Sunday, June 25. We have the ceremony at Robinson’s Arch and a luncheon that follows. I am looking for a photographer & videographer to take photos and video for the event. I will need someone from 9am – 3pm. I wanted to know if you are available and what is your rate. Please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Hello

    We are coming to Israel in October for my mother in laws 70th. We wanted a photographer to come with us to take some special photos for one morning. We are after some candid shots and then maybe a big family photo at the hotel . We would be looking at getting a USB with pictures instead of printing them
    Could you let me know if you could help me with this and how much it would cost
    Thanks – we are in Jerusalem from 1st October for a few days


  5. Hi Yael, We’ll be traveling to Israel in few weeks. We like to know if you’re available and what you rates are for photography and videography at the Kotel. Please provide info.

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